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The Republic of Macedonia and the town of Stip

About The Republic of Macedonia and the town of Stip

The Republic of Macedonia is situated in the central southern part of the Balkan Peninsula. It covers an area of 25.713 km2. To the north it borders The Republic of Serbia, to the east the Republic of Bulgaria, to the west the Republic of Albania, and to the south the Republic of Greece.
The Republic of Macedonia represents an important intersection of strategically important traffic corridors: Corridor North-South, which directly connects Central Europe with the harbor in Thessalonica and Corridor East-West which connects the Black Sea region with the Adriatic region.
The Republic of Macedonia is a true geographical mosaic, abundant with natural beauties and rarities. Many have named it "the pearl of the Balkans".
Speaking in percentages, 80% of its territory is mountainous, and 20% are valleys with rivers, lakes, forests and pastures.

The Republic of Macedonia has obtained a EU membership candidate status.

The town of Stip is located in the eastern part of the country. It is the intersection of several motorways and railways, connecting the town with all parts of the country and further, with foreign centres. The most important are the traffic ways leading to the East: Skopje-Veles-Stip-Kocani-Delcevo and Skopje-Veles-Stip-Radovis-Strumica-Novo Selo. The distance from Stip to the capital Skopje is 90 km, to the international Airport "Petrovec" located near Skopje -70 km, to the international highway E-75 - 35 km, and 200 km to the Airport in Thessaloniki-Greece.

The economy of Stip is based mainly on the shoe industry, textile industry, wine industry, and the food industry.
Bargala a.d. has prooved to be be the leader of the longlasting and succesful tradition of the shoe industry in this region.

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